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Factors causing car crash fatality cases – Ways to protect ourselves on the road

Car collisions are one of the most common types of accident causing wrongful death to both passengers and pedestrians within the US. That is why road safety laws are passed every year with the intention to reduce the number fatalities. More Information from our car accident lawyers here:car accident lawyers

The main reasons for the occurrence of tragic car crash deaths are:
1) Factors that are related to drivers and other road users that may contribute to a collision, or otherwise called human error
2) Factors that affect on the normal driver’s level of skill, or otherwise called driver impairment. They can be classified under the following main groups:
– Use of alcohol or drugs
– Sleep deprivation
– Youth or old age
– Distracted driving – it includes texting and talking, using GPS, eating and drinking, talking to passengers while driving
– Physical impairment
3) Factors that are related to the speed the driver is going
4) The roadway design and the environment
5) Factors, related to the brand of the vehicle and its design

Many new road safety strategies have been applied over the past few years in order to reduce the car crash death toll. Best practices from other countries are also adopted, but the truth is that in order to achieve a satisfactory result the car drivers should take the responsibility to protect themselves and their passengers more seriously. It is reported that in most auto collisions in the United States involving death or serious injuries, the victims were less likely to wear seatbelts. This proves the fact that people are not protecting themselves and do not take driving as seriously as they accident lawyer

Car accident death
The legal system and the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) defines car fatality cases as accidents in which a vehicle with engine, participating in a collision injures a person that dies within 30 days after the car crash and not only those who pass away immediately. So even if your loved ones do survive the initial shock and die a bit later, you are eligible to receive a fatality personal injury compensation for your loss of companionship and security. In order to achieve that you must hire a reputable negligence tort law attorney immediately after the death. The sooner you get a lawyer and collect evidence to prove that your relative was not at fault for the car collision, but a victim, the higher chance you will stand to obtain a monetary relief large enough to secure you financially for many years to come.

Do not let the pain for your loss distract you from the option to get financially compensated by the party at fault and act now!

Our fatality lawyers have a proven reputation for winning the highest settlements and have a rich case history in the car collision death cases. Call our car accident lawyer for a free consultation.

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