Aggressive and Successful Legal Representation.
Barry Walker has handled hundreds of cases during his career collecting millions of dollars for his clients. After forming The Birmingham Truck Accident Lawyer, he made a decision to direct his time, talent, and resources towards handling the most serious injury and business cases on behalf of his clients.
We Have Formed a Talented Team of Birmingham Truck Accident Attorneys and Experts for You.
The Birmingham Truck Accident Lawyer has the necessary resources and commitment to prepare your Birmingham truck accident case and take it to trial. Our Birmingham truck accident lawyers, staff, investigators, and other support personnel use cutting edge technology and expert witnesses to enable them to evaluate cases and thoroughly prepare for court.
Putting Technology to Work for our Clients.
At The Birmingham Truck Accident Lawyer we appreciate the impact technology can have in the courtroom and in mediation. A Birmingham truck accident lawyer’s ability to use illustrations, photos, graphs, and timelines to explain complicated concepts and confusing chains of events is a powerful tool in the courtroom.